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We are a vibrant and driven couple who found the perfect home in the beautiful Village of Warkworth, Ontario. We met five years ago working in the service industry and have slowly begun building our little family. With over 20 years combined experience in the industry, we dreamed that one day we may own a bakery together. Jason, with an education from George Brown College and years of kitchen experience, is the brain of our delicious home cooked prepared meals. Jessica is not only a trained Canine Massage and Hydrotherapist but also waitressed for over a decade; she decided to give up her career and learn the ins and outs of ‘perfect pastry’ and scrumptious baked goods. Our quirky yet balanced dynamic has allowed for us to embrace this amazing opportunity. The Bakery Warkworth hopes to be your home away from home where you can undoubtedly find fresh goods made with love, every time! 


Our community

We intend to contribute to this community what it has given us in only a very short time; everlasting family, constant belonging and nurturing friendships.

Below is a list of some of our local supplying partners:

We are proud to have been invited to participate in local programs which aim at helping members of our community:

If you are looking for us outside of our retail shop in Warkworth, we are happy to meet you at:

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We have just about everything you could imagine! Click here for the event calendar.